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Whoops. Bad wallet.

After a quick trip to Sim Lim Tower I ended up with a PSP seeing as I can’t purchase a Mylo. For the grand total of $543 (£175 at the current exchange rate) I got:

modified PSP (plays all region UMDs)
4Gb memory stick duo with about 15 full games on
utility UMD (required for the games to work)
additional high-capacity battery (3600mAh)
additional external battery charge pack thing (9800mAh)
crystal protective case
USB data cable
UK plug and cable
headphones with remote control

Not bad when you consider that the PSP itself back home is £140, though that pack includes the headphones (as well as a wrist strap and a soft carry case I’d never use).

I’ve had a fiddle with it and the online capability is good, though it does need some kind of keyboard if someone ever developes one. I can send email from GMail with it, but can’t post to this blog for some reason. Blogger “works” until I click “publish” at which point knack all happens.

There’s WMV and MP4 video format compatibility so I now need to find out how easy it is to convert all those episodes of Heroes I nabbed into a viewable format. Plus I’m carrying just shy of 10Gb of mp3s around with me. Another 4Gb card may be a worthwhile investment, especially as the one I have is half-full of games software!

All I need to do now is sit and wait for the batteries to charge. The small one takes over 2 hours, apparently. Hey ho.

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