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Best 18-rated movie scenes… my arse

A story on the Beeb about the best 18-rated movie scenes (from, I think, Empire magazine) raises the usual arguments. Mainly about how wrong the people who voted for the stomach burster in Alien are. I mean, come on. I’ve seen more realistic aliens on the Muppet Show. I actually remember laughing out loud when I saw it. All the tension, the horror, the blood slowly appearing… and then this solid plastic dildo pops out, looks cute and bounces away like Kermit walking behind a fence.

Could I pick any better? Yes. But I’d have to think long and hard as there are so many! How about Derek scooping his brains back in from Bad Taste, or the vomit-eating scene from the same film? The hilarious “I kick arse for the lord” scene in Brain Dead, or the “100 zombies versus man with lawnmower” sequence later on? I’ve only used one director and two films so far.

Saving Private Ryan‘s awsome opening sequence would have been a definite for top slot had the BBFC not (quite rightly) lowered the rating to a 15 due to its potentially educational value, thus giving it a wider audience and making it legal to show in schools.

Votes, people? And remember this is “18” not “R18” so that 3-arse anal gangbang with Chuck Johanson from So You Do Take It Up The Shitter? Volume 27 doesn’t count.

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