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Paris Hilton released…

…3 days into a 23-day prison sentence on “medical grounds“, only they won’t say what they are. I reckon she’s been misdiagnosed as being in hunger strike, the silly bitch is so fucking skinny. Or maybe they’re trying to cover them selves as they didn’t have a cell with the bars close enough together to stop the waif slipping between them. At least we can be sure she wasn’t being sexually abused by Big Hilda. It’d be like trying to lick out a toothpick. There’d be little point in using her as a sexy toy either – she’d not even touch the sides if you shoved her in headfirst.

You have to admit, though, that house arrest doesn’t sound too bad when you live in a palace. Of course, she has another 20 days where she’s not allowed to walk outside and appear on the fucking TV for no fucking apparent reason at-fucking-all.

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