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How long have I been saying this? And more…

The education seretary has said that kids should be able to play rough instead of being wrapped in cotton wool and overprotected. I’ve been ranting about this for years. Kids nowadays are far too weak, unable to fight of disease and increasingly overweight. A lot of this is down to them not being able to play outdoors properly.

They’re not allowed to throw snowballs at school in case they get hurt and someone sues; they can’t play in the mud outside in case they catch a disease (how the fuck else are they meant to develop an immune system?); playgrounds have climbing frames removed in case the little dears hurt themselves.

At last a politician who may have a modicum of common sense. He’s fucked, then.

In music news, Metallica announce producer of new album and another claim that they’re going to go back to the old days for something cool and fan-friendly. What a load of horse-cock. St Anger was supposed to be a return to the old days and it was simply one of the worst albums I have ever heard in my life ever. Complete amateurish fuckshite. Worse than severe pain. I laughed when I firt heard it. Out loud. And I’d really wanted to like it.

Now they’ve hired back Rick Rubin in the vain hope they can emulate the old Master of Puppets days. Good luck, you cunts. You’ll need it. The one thing they seem to have forgotten is it’s not the producer’s job to write the songs. The god-awful piece of horse-shite that was St Anger was Metallica’s fault, not Bob Rock’s. Though the man’s a commercialism-seeking fuckwit as well. If it wasn’t for him they might not have sunk to the depths of the “black” album and still be doing decent stuff.

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