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Good riddance you pathetic pieces of thieving shit



Look at these faces. Would you let your daughter date a fuckwit who looked like that? I know if one put his arm around my child, he’s rapidly find it broken. They look like scum, don’t they? The kind of wankers who sit on street corners and annoy grandmothers, spit on Goths and smash up bus stops.

They’re also the kind of cunts who steal cars, get chased by the police then drive the wrong way up motorways to escape, ending in crashes which kill innocent people. These three are dead. And the one who survived and is being treated for injuries, I hope you’re crippled for life. Filth like you doesn’t deserve any better.

Scum and Filth

Scum and Filth

To the family of Mr and Mrs Stafford, the elderly couple that these bastards killed, I have nothing but the deepest sympathy. To the families of the wankers who did it, rest easy in the knowledge that at least they won’t be a burden to you any more. You’re better off without them.

The only disappointing thing is that only three of them bought the farm. I will cross my fingers and hope that at the very least they died screaming and in agony over the course of minutes or hours and not seconds.

Christopher Beresford, Sam Case and Lee Maggs – good fucking riddance. If I believed in Hell, I’d hope you were burning in it.

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