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The dangers of snot

To respond to Dewi’s comment on yesterday’s post: “Wrong”. And as a quick aside before I start, I’m impressed (or dismayed, perhaps disgusted) to realise that this is not the first post on this blog to be tagged with the word “snot”. Get in there.

Well, I did say I wanted to encourage my imagination […]

Remote Control

Just a short video I made when I was playing with Adobe After Effects. Staggered by how easy it was to get such a good result in very little time.

This is also a test post to check the iframe plug-in I’ve just added!


iOS updates vs Android updates

Image via CrunchBase

Updating iOS

Get excited that new version is coming out on set date

Jump on download the moment it comes out

Wait 6 hours for download to arrive while your eyes dry out and crust over

Re-download when download fails at 99%

Wait for reboot

Keep waiting for reboot

Try hard […]

Household japes #238

Like this, but… browner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take a fully-loaded disposable nappy from a well-fed baby. Wrap it around itself and seal with the little velcro bits.

If you’re feeling slightly less of a risk-taker, place it in a small plastic bag and tie this shut.

Locate yourself round the corner from your other […]

Your Daily Mail Horoscope

Hate-filled rag (Photo credit: Byzantine_K)

Aries: Today you will feel angst that someone on benefits is getting more money than you, despite the fact that you deserve it and they don’t. Also, news will reach you that someone not even born in this country is claiming money from the government that comes from your […]