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Sloganizer is one of those silly online toys that will keep people like me (immature ones) happy for hours. Shove your name or a random noun into the field and click the button. The pick of my bunch so far:

Mosh – get ready

Mosh for your life

See the world with […]

Spot the inconsistency

“Bath girl rapist jailed for life”. “Life”… “minimum ten years”. Erm…. can anyone spot the slight difference between 10 years and 40+? Cut his cock off, fill his balls with glass powder and string him up by his fucking nostrils and leave the cunt swinging in the wind as an example.

Read more at […]

All I have to say is…

(Date set for England smoking ban)

About fucking time. Mind, I’m still more tempted to live in Hanoi or Seoul for a year than go back home. I do notice, however, that England is the last place in the UK to enact a ban which is – frankly – fucking pathetic. Pretty much like our […]

A wonderful email

Today I received one of the nicest emails ever. I wasn’t sure what it was about at first, but something tickled at the memory bells and I had a dig through the archives to find this post.

It’s almost four years since this young man’s life was taken from his family. He never got to […]

Greedy bastards after more money

What a surprise. Sports agencies and companies that are worth a mint are crying and blowing bubbles into their milk as some people are getting to watch the overpaid sports stars for free, courtesy of Satan’s own child the internet.Boo fucking hoo.Now, I’ve not used the web to watch anything, simply because I’ve never […]