Protest for the tuk-tuk!

I just sent a mail to Brighton council regarding their insane decision to take Britain’s unique fleet of tuk-tuks off the road. I rode in these vehicles in several countries and the thought of being able to jump back into one makes me genuinely want to go to Brighton. No mean feat, given there’s **** all else there worth bothering with unless you’re retiring.

However, our government and their council are full of pencil-pushing fuckwits who value paperwork and red tape over common ******* sense. By all means, drop them a message. I have:


I’m writing regarding recent reports in the press regarding the fate of the “tuk tuk” service being run by an independent contractor.

Firstly, I’ll be honest and say that I have never visited Brighton. However, something that has appealed for a while is the unique fleet of tuk-tuks (or “tuc-tuc”s as the emblem on the front of these vehicles proclaim). I’ve been to many countries which run the vehicles commonly (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India and so on) and they’re a great idea.

However, I simply can’t believe that a council can be so narrow-minded as to permit these vehicles to run legally… and then effectively withdraw their license by making it economically infeasible for them to run due to a matter of pathetic red tape – something for which the UK has become justly derided in recent years.

No, wait. I *can* believe it, given the state that my home nation is now in. For crying out loud, open your eyes and realise there’s a lot more out there than stupid safety regulations, bureaucrats, MPs and muppets with nothing better to do with their time than shout down anything that’s remotely “different”.

Give a guy with a new business idea a chance, and let people enjoy their lives without jumping on them like a bunch of politicians with nothing better to do with their lives than spoil everyone else’s.

Yes, I’m annoyed. My whole country is going to the dogs because of pathetic pencil-pushers and lawyers after a fast buck, running after the American example.

Get these vehicles properly licensed and back on the streets before you lose one of the few things that makes Brighton appealing to anyone other than drug-pushers and pensioners.

Yours in disgust at the state of his own country,


I so await their reply. If you want to tell them what a bunch of boring, dull, rule-following, red-tape-loving, insensitive, mono-cultural, tax-greedy ***** they are then you can contact them via their contact page (here) or email them direct here.


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