Mosley a disgrace?

OK, so he’s a dirty old perv, but is Max Mosley really “brought the sport into disrepute” as far as F1 goes? Come on, it’s one guy getting his rocks off with a bunch of hookers. If he did something wrong, it was letting someone sell a copy of the video (very ill-advised for anyone in the public eye) to the papers.

No doubt he’s embarrassed as all hell. After all, half the world has now seen his arse being thrashed by a cheap whore. OK, let’s be honest – he’s rich. She’ll have been an expensive whore. Anyone who’s dug for the video will likely know what Mosley’s todger looks like.

Basically, like him or loathe him, his private life has become public. And that’s a shame. Has he done anything illegal? Well, no. Has he done anything immoral?
Perhaps – I believe he’s married. But why do actions performed behind closed doors bring a whole sport into disrepute?

Frankly, I feel sorry for the guy. Son of a pair of fascists who made Hitler look like the local vicar, he was always in for a rough ride but he’s done well for himself. He chairs over one of the most corrupt sports going, manages to keep it ticking over and then gets busted for being spanked.

Of course, the papers are all full of the significance of the Nazi imagery in the video. Oh, come on. If you and your partner have a little slap and tickle while she’s dressed as a nurse and you’ve got your tarzan pants on, does that mean she really has leanings to join the medical profession while you bugger off to Africa and learn to speak monkey? Given his parentage, perhaps the fears are slightly more grounded that he could be a racist ******… but fact is, if he was then don’t you think he’d have been saluting the Swastika, not bending over in front of it while being flagellated
until he bled?

I could almost feel sorry for him if he wasn’t stinking rich and in charge of such a dull sport.

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This has nothing to do with him and hookers, it’s all to do with his parentage so the hysterical press can drag out Nazi stuff at every opportunity. I just hate him cos he’s got money and I don’t.

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