Most worrying spam so far…

Following on from yesterday’s post, the following spam genuinely has me concerned. No humour here. Seriously, what the hell should I do with this one? Isn’t even advertising this illegal? Or is it perhaps a “honey trap” for the real perverted filth out there?

From: Noah Adams (

Subject: XXX pictures 13 to 16yrs

Come to see the newest clips with girls from 13 to 16 years old!

[4 links removed for obvious reasons]

Seriously – is it worth forwarding this one on to someone?

One thought on “Most worrying spam so far…”

  1. I saw yesterday, a blogger linking to news that spewm has been happening for 30 years, and naming the first person to send some, suggesting the perpetrator should be stabbed in the face.

    I think stabbed in the face 30 times – like birthday candles.
    It’s the moronic Subject Headings I have to glance on while ‘Delete All?’ is happening.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

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