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Large Hadron Collider Opens Black Hole

… then the LHC project at CERN was a success. Or at least it didn’t create a whopping big black hole where Geneva used to be and start sucking the entire earth in on itself. This, on the whole, is a good thing. Frankly, I can’t believe the doomsayers all reckoning we’ll die as a result of a few scientists banging what are essentially very tiny bricks together.

One comment on the YouTube video I have posted up, made me giggle:

hey **** you. Why would you want to kill us!!. Cant you just leave earth alone.its true we only have 50 months to live after that.which is in 2012 some where near november the profecy

What a ******* nut-job. And he/she can’t even spell. Frankly, that’s more scary than particles being whacked together. That the humanity that will/did survive is so damn stupid.

It’s also amusing that I’m posting this in advance on a timer so it self-publishes the day after in case I’m dead. Using technology that was first created in the same institution as the one which is potentially going to kill us all. Messing with physics does stuff like that.

Update: seems they won’t actually be destroying anything for a few months. False alarm!

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