Confession Part 2

Torchwood logo

That may be the name of a song, actually. In this case it’s referring to my ongoing addiction to all things “new gen” Doctor Who. Having finished all four seasons and the specials, I moved onto Torchwood. Anyone else watch the whole series in two days (while also watching Transformers 2)?

The sci-fi’s good, the effects are better than Doctor Who and there are women kissing in it. Mind, I still get uncomfortable watching two blokes paying tonsil hockey.

So what took me so long getting onto the Dr Who bandwagon? Simple – the first two episodes of the relaunch were bloody awful. The story was crap, the acting (Doctor aside) was dreadful, the effects were a joke, and Billie Piper had only just begun to show how mind-bogglingly annoying she was. It really was complete cardboard.

I forced my way through those episodes again and then onto the later stuff. Amazingly, it just got better and better, much as Buffy did between the first half-season and into the second. Story arcs and in-jokes get set up. References appear between spin-off series. Actual character relationships develop, and oh! that “Face of Boh” revelation at the end of season 3!

With luck I can finish season two of Torchwood in the next couple of days around booking flights and packing. Unfortunately, I gather season three – a 5-part, one-week special – will be broadcast while I’m Thailand. Arse. Seeing as I can’t access iPlayer over there (and it works like crap on Linux anyway), and will have expired by the time I get back I’m rather glad we have torrents.

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But the first series of nu-Who was the best! Christopher Ecclestone is a waaaaaay better doctor than David Tennant!

Torchwood is amazing though. Ianto is my favourite character ever! Plus, yummy James Marsters!

almost witty

See, I told you it was fab!!!

and Billie did seem initially annoying but by the end of season 2, she could definitely act.

PS: I have pictures of Agent Gwen Cooper from Torchwood in lingerie.


I’m very confused. I thought you were there, but you’re here. Or maybe you’re not? You shouldn’t do this to dozy old sods!