Reasons to be cheerful

This may seem like a bit of an egotistical post, but it’s not meant to be. More a list of positive things about myself I can always rely on to make me realise I’m not a complete failure. Feel free to rip the idea for yourself.

1) I have an awesome immune system

2) I can manage on 2-4 hours’ sleep a night

3) I never get a hangover

4) I know what it is like to be completely, deeply and amazingly in love with someone. OK, it didn’t work out but I know what it felt like – so I know what I need to find again.

5) I have no problem coping with extremes of temperature and humidity

6) I very, very rarely get stressed about anything

7) I’m really good with kids of all ages

8) I’ve done so many things I never thought I would, so I have some excellent memories and stories

9) I have a very analytical/logical mind which goes well with most of the jobs I’ve ever had

10) My weight seems to be fairly stable so I can get away with eating loads of crap

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All good points… my favourite is the way number 8 turned into a smiley!


ooooh this makes me feel very incompetent… but a good idea, I’ll think about a top 10 which would work for me. Enjoy yourself down there!


Great post – maybe I should do something similar when I’m down in the dumps.

I could have 4, 7 and 10 on my list.

Because you have 2 and 3 on your list, I hate you already! :-p


I completely agree, Iain! You’re spot on. And that smiley face is well deserved.

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