120px-Film-stripOne film this week due to the times available. In fact, it was last week and I’ve only had a chance to type things up! So only a very brief review of:


“Don’t start something you cannae ******* finish.”

Plot-in-a-nutshell: corrupt policemen descends down a drug-fuelled helter-skelter

See it if you like: off-the-rails, slightly weird black comedies

Being based on a novel by IrvineTrainspotting” Welsh, it’s no surprised that Filth is full of drugs, violence, sex and bad language. And that it’s based in Scotland. The aforementioned student favourite is going to be an inevitable comparison, but other than the simplest of themes there’s little else to link the two.

Two different directors have taken two different works by the same author and made two very different films.

One thing I want to make clear about Filth, though, is that it is far from the comedy that the trailers will have you expecting. It’s much darker, weirder and unsettling. It’s also too long and gets a bit boring before it reaches its conclusion.

Fair play to James McAvoy for taking the main role of dodgy copper Bruce Robertson (David Tennant had signed up, but had to drop out when shooting dates changed and conflicted with other commitments). It’s a nasty character to play, and a difficult one as Robertson himself increasingly loses touch with reality.

It’s just a shame that, overall, the film just doesn’t hold interest. It’s difficult to watch in places, though I’m sure others would find it far more so than a desensitised individual like myself found it. I do think that the trailers are partly to blame, leading you to expect one type of film and then being slemmed sideways by something utterly different.

Gillian really wanted to see this, I was just curious. Both of us left disappointed.

Great cast, wonderful performances, but a drawn-out plot that just didn’t satisfy.

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