Captain Phillips

120px-Film-stripFirst film in a couple of weeks as we’ve been to that many gigs. Actually, we were heading to the Ramones/Andrew WK concert, but discovered we were a ticket short. I passed the one we had on at a loss to someone else and we went to see a film instead. Not very rock and roll, but we were both pooched and fancied a comfy seat rather than a loud concert.

Captain Phillips

“They’re not here to fish.”

Plot-in-a-nutshell: Pirates take over ship populated by unarmed merchant seamen

See it if you like: tension and real life drama

Short review as it’s past my bedtime and I have work in the morning! Simple point to make is that Tom Hanks is superb in this – as good as I’ve ever seen him – and supported by an equally excellent cast.

Now, it’s “based on a true story” so without reading up on the tale in detail it’s always hard to know how close to the real story we’re sticking. What’s important for your spending money is “is it enjoyable”? In this case – yes. Yes it is.

It takes about fifteen minutes to get going, and from that point on it really is tense.

To be as spoiler-free as possible, the only thing I’ll tell you about the ending is that it doesn’t drag on. It would be easy to make is ridiculously schmaltzy, but director Paul Greengrass seems to have decided where the story ends and stops the film at that point. Sensible decision.

Good cast, good film, enjoyable visit to the cinema.

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