Whuh? I mean how? I mean… ow!

I’ve heard of choking the chicken, but this is ridiculous. Warning, the aforementioned link includes the word “penis” a lot.

I note he mentions that his cock was bothering him. Well he sorted that out. I also love the way that after he’s hacked it off, he felt “irritated”. Damn, I know how he feels. Every time I slash my nob off, the first sensation I get is one of extreme irritation. “Not again – butterfingers”. Good grief.

In another story, a village full of Romanians fled their homes as they confused disco lights from a neighbouring townships for … invading alien spaceships. An easy mistake to make. If you’re fucking mental.

One of these days I have to visit Romania. It must be the only country left where you could genuinely make a profit from selling Dr Beetlewhack’s Patented Cure-All Panacea. Maybe someone should tell the folks who were trying to flog me the crocodile-based cancer cure.

Kitkat pictures

I’ve just uploaded some pics of the cat to my Fotopic area. They’re currently awaiting verification, but should be up there very shortly for you all to go “aaah” at.

In other news, I’m having a tinker with Mozilla Firebird and in all honesty I’m not that impressed. OK, I love the way it handles add-ins, and I really like some of them. On the other hand, I’m not that keen on the way it orders Favourites (and still insists on calling them “Bookmarks”).

Also, as anyone using it will notice, all the links on this page open in a new window (though I’m working on Javascript to make that optional) and not in a new tab. As yet I don’t know how to force it to open “target=_blank” pages in new tabs, so that kind of circumvents one of the other features I do like.

On the whole, it’s a nice browser. I do like it. I’m just far too used to IE to make the change worthwhile.

Cat named

OK, you’ll all hate me for being crap at names but I have settled on the following:


It’s simply that I’ve found myself coming into the house and saying “hello Kitkat” offhand. I’ve been using the “name” inadvertantly so it may as well stick.

She’s currently sat on the fouton behind me in the study, preening. She does that a lot. She has also learned not to wake my up too early for breakfast. I now get two minutes to snooze after my alarm clock goes off before I get nuzzled. This is much preferable to the original 5:45am nudging.

Her temper still flicks like a light switch, though, and I’ve got some great scratches on my hands to prove it. Give it time, I suppose *sigh*.

I’ve also discovered that she’s been peeing round the side of the toilet rather than in her litterbox in the kitchen. Strange as she did use the litter tray to start with. I’ve disinfected the spot where she goes but she keeps returning to it. The bathroom door now stays closed! Thing is, I have no idea where/if she pee’d indoors last night… It takes a while before it smells.

Anybody any ideas about how to encourage her to use the litter tray? I know about orange peel and stuff for discouraging her from one place, but how to convince her that the tray is a good idea? Put it down in the loo where she’s currently going? But, then when I move the tray somewhere more sensible will she follow the tray or return to the same spot?

Papa Roach live

Little bit delayed as I’ve been reet busy this week, but I just had to say what a bloody good gig it was on Wednesday. Great mix of tracks, not all the exact same as the album versions, some little “filler” ditties and a great crowd.

Oh, and they played Scars. A great version of it, too. Without a doubt the best song they’ve ever done (off the best album, too). In fact, possibly the best new song by any artist I’ve heard all year.

I still have bruises and aching muscles, but that’s probably more to do with me being far too old to be doing this kind of thing. Not that it’ll stop me going to Slayer/Slipknot on Wednesday this week!

Cure for cancer – best spam ever

I accidentally read a spam. Partly because the subject line was so ludicrous as to br inviting. It was nothing compared to the contents:

Antidote found in Crocodiles


We have an Alternative to DRUGS & ANTIBIOTICS. A Miracle Protein than can help people with serious diseases


Kills ALL known deadly Viruses & Bacteria in the body that keep diseases, namely: Influenza, SARS, Cancer, HIV etc.

A disease must be made DORMANT to stop infection.

‘The ANTIDOTE’ is the answer.


The sad thing is that some dozy muppets somewhere will go off and buy this crap (probably sugar pills or something) thinking it’ll cure their cancer. I mean, think about it. If you ran a company that had discovered a cure for cancer, don’t you think you’d be world famous and not selling your product via email? Sometimes I think that people who buy stuff like this deserve all they get. There’s desparation and utter stupidity. They’re well into the second camp.