Neighbours. Grr.

If they’re not leaving your driveway gates wide open when their car’s safely not stored there, they’re parking in said driveway so you can’t get your car inside.

And if it ain’t that, it’s leaving their bedroom windows wide open while they swap partners with two of their friends, one of whom is a screamer. I could hear every *slap*…

Full details of their address and so forth are available on request. Sorry, but the selfish, lazy fuckers have pissed me off one too many times. Happy to help humiliate them now. I’ve had enough.

Well, it’s either that or I’m going to punch the lazy twats.


It arrived. Archetype. The new FF album. Oh wow. Sadly, I’ve not got the limited edition witha DVD (of which there are two, apparently), but I couldn’t find anywhere selling it online. It’s arrived 2 days before the release date, which is amazing from Play as their stuff normally takes an age to turn up.

OK, I’m off into town now. And the CDs in the back of the car are getting changed…


OK, the company we lease our cars from was very helpful and faxed me through a letter that’s apparently good enough to get me number plates, along with my driving license for ID. You can’t just walk into somewhere and buy one any more, you see.

You need the vehicle log book and your driving license. Or passport and 2 recent utility bills. Or a DNA test. Or signed letter gifting your first-born to the management at the DVLC. Even if you’re taking a car with numberplates attached to have replacement numberplates put on. I mean, how stupid is that?

Anyway, I got the letter. Now I can’t find anywhere that’ll do numberplates! None of the major local garages to my house do them, and the place I was recommended to try is short of parts… he’s awaiting a delivery of perspex.

Good grief. I might just invest in some yellow and white paint and a black marker. At least nobody can unscrew that and pinch it.

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