Smogville, here I come

Courtesy of the Newcastle United Supporters Club, Yorkshire (a.k.a. the Yorkshire Mags), who have once again come through in a time of need, I have a ticket for Saturday’s match.

*Does a happy dance*

I can only hope the rain holds off. It would be rather ironic for the weather to be to blame for us missing a match against the Boro, while we’re suffering a bit of an injury/medical crisis. I of course hark back to the “ooh, it might snow and we’ve barely got a full squad, let’s cancel the match” events of 2 seasons ago.

Random gubbins

Just about to go to bed, far too flipping warm again. A few things, mainly whinges. Please bear with me. Or not.

1) Yes, I know the box around my Personal Info on the left there is broken. It’s been like that since I shoved the link to the calendar in. I’ll fix it when I can be arsed.

2) Middlesbrough FC are bastards, as are umpteen other Premiership clubs (including, if my facts are correct, ourselves). They’ve reduced our ticket allocation by 800 (almost 20%) for Saturday’s fixture because too many of us stood up last year. Well, I’m so fucking sorry. Just because you’re a town full of 2′ tall inbred mutant freaks with extra fingers and toes, don’t take it out on us. I’m desparately trying to figure out what the issue is. I mean, if I’m standing at a football match then surely I can get out quicker in an emergency so therefore it’s safer? As for the numbers standing, ever thought it only takes 50 people in row 2 to stand up and everyone behind them doesn’t have a choice? I point the finger at ManUre 2 years ago where I witnessed a guy in the middle of the crowd, about 70% of whom were vertical, being thrown out for “persistent standing”. He didn’t have a choice unless he wanted to watch 90 minutes of the guy in front’s arse.

3) Finished the third coursework for my Relational Databases module. I have left:

  • fourth Internet Apps assignment
  • Artificial Intelligence project
  • Internet Apps exam
  • Relational Databases final project report
  • Relational Databases project report report

I then have 3 months or so to relax, before starting on Maths and Digital Communications.

That’s yer lot. Fuck off.

Sounds that raise the hairs on the back of your neck

No order, rhyme or reason. To be updated on a whim, or when you plebs suggest new ones.

  1. The “whoop-whoop” sound behind you when you’re doing 95mph that says you didn’t spot that police car sat at the side of the road
  2. The SSHHHHHH noise when you’re parked at a crossing which tells you that a) it’s been raining and b) the person pbehind you didn’t realise you’d stopped and is currently aquaplaning on a collision course for your rear bumper
  3. As a 15 year-old, the sound of the key in the front door lock as you hit vinegar strokes in front of the porn film your mate loaned you
  4. “Those” creaking noises from your parents’ bedroom
  5. The office door opening behind you when you’re browsing three random blogs on company time
  6. The phrase “I’ll go an get the photos of Iain when he was little” when introducing a lady friend to your mother
  7. The opening chords of just about anything on daytime commercial radio

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