That Moment…

Misty all snuggled up
Misty all snuggled up (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

…when the screaming banshee you’ve been battling with all day finally falls asleep and you remember that the snoozing bundle you hold in your arms is the most precious and amazing thing you’ve ever encountered.

This lasts until she wakes up screaming again, around the time you are just drifting off yourself.

[please note – this post is about the daughter, the photo is of our cat. Those who cannot tell the difference should not, at this moment at least, consider parenthood]

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Translating the “WAAAAHHH”s #27

Just to give you an idea of what your baby is really saying when all you think is that they’re screaming their head off for no apparent reason.

You: No, you can’t have it.

Baby: But I want it!

You: No. No. Daddy’s.

Baby: WANT!

You: OK, you can hold it. But it’s not for eating.

Baby: As if I’d listen to you.

You: There, see? No, not in the mouth!

Baby: I told you I was going to try to eat it. Don’t you listen to me? Dude, I’ll try to eat anything.

You: You can’t eat a banana with the skin still on, silly.

Baby: Who are you calling silly? I’m a baby. I don’t know any different. This thing tastes horrible, by the way. Who lets a baby stick a damn unpeeled banana in their mouth? You’re the idiot.

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Joys of Parenthood: number 73 in an ongoing series in no particular order

Trying to remove dangling, dried bogies from a baby’s nose while she sleeps is like real-life Operation. One slip of the fingers/tweezers and you risk waking her up. And believe me, that screaming is a whole lot scarier than a buzzer.

Life update

Once more I attempt to make this blog a little more than the review-fest it’s become! Again, apologies as I don’t find a lot of time to blog about anything else and – I hate myself for admitting this – I put far too much of my other stuff on facebook these days.

I know. I’m evil.

Still, what’s up?

I’m a fair bit of the way through a long-term teaching contract, my first as a full time certified teacher. I’ve landed on my feet with an excellent school, great support and (generally) good pupils. It’s great being able to get a good run at a job which is my own responsibility, but still a little worrying that I don’t have a permanent position. Obviously, I can’t complain – I have a job and there are plenty of other people who don’t. It’s just that lack of security as to what happens in a few months time?

Well, if there’s one thing that I really learned while travelling it was how to take one day at a time and roll with things.

For the three of you who didn’t know, Gillian and I are now engaged and will be getting married – in Jamaica – on October 22nd this year. I’ve set up another blog which will be filled with details about the wedding. As it stands, it has some background information, mainly about the engagement, but as the Big Day approaches I’ll try to put more things up.

Shortly before the wedding, though, we have another event… sometime in July (date to be determined shortly) we will be welcoming a new addition to the family! Gillian’s on week 11 at the moment and everything seems to be progressing well. We should know the sex of our little bundle of joy in the next couple of weeks. If it’s a boy, we’re sorted for room sharing as our youngest is also male. If it’s a girl I’m pre-empting puberty and applying for a shotgun license.

Work starts again tomorrow after the lengthy Xmas break and I have to be up and running as soon as I get in. This full time lark is a definite jump up from my probationary year – more responsibility, more hours, more classes – but it’s flying by. I’m covering pretty much every level that the school has to offer. I honestly don’t think there’s another job that offers this level of variety.

So that’s it at present. Engaged, father-to-be and teacher. A bit of a change from when I started this blog so many years ago!

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Welcome Sophie!

Artwork on this ball is a common abstract repr...
All smiley!

I was down south this past week (to Londoners, this doesn’t mean I went that far – right now to me anything “south” is latitudinally below Glasgow) and amongst others I caught up with were Chris, Lyds, Lucy and Anna-Louise.

I am overjoyed to announce that Lydia gave birth to a new poppet – Sophie – on Sunday night at around 21:34. She looks utterly gorgeous and the only reason I’m miffed is that she decided to wait until I was back home before she entered the world.

Enormous congratulations to the family and I’m sure she’s in great hands given how lovely her two sisters have turned out!

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