Oh, fan-bloody-tastic

That was sarcasm. I’ve just heard from a very good friend’s wife that he’s spending his birthday in hospital with a fair number of smashed bones. He was crossing a road when some moron decided they were in too great a hurry to be bothered stopping and ran straight over him.

Get well soon, Indy.

In addition, she mentioned she’d seen Louise recently. In Auckland. For those who know the whole messy story, you’ll understand that this hasn’t gone down very well with me and has re-opened a lot of mental scarring that I was hoping was healing completely.


A request to anyone out there. Please, just don’t mention her to me again. The only way I’ll ever get over her is if I just completely wipe her out. Never going to happen, but I really just can’t handle hearing about her even though I do want to.

I know that’s another hard thing for some people in particular to read/hear and I’m sorry. I just can’t help how I feel, though obviously I wish I could. This hot on the heels (ish) of this recent post as well.

I’m also now certain that I won’t be visiting Auckland even though I’m in Oz shortly. New Zealand‘s already pretty much closed to me as there are too many memories I just don’t want to face.  But to have the risk of literally coming face to face with the person who’s caused me this damage… It’s not worth it.

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