First ridiculous new law of the year

German Prostitute

And the prize for the first stupid bit of legislation to come into law in 2009 goes to… Norway. As of today, any Norwegian citizen caught paying for sex faces a jail sentence starting at 6 months and rising to 3 years if it’s child prostitution.

It’s not limited to the “purchase” of sex within Norway either. Police have been granted the power to use wire taps to gather evidence against anyone they think could have used a prostitute anywhere. The number of prostitutes in known areas of Norway have visibly fallen already, which is no surprise.

However, the government’s statement that they’re targeting the “customer” not the prostitute rings rather hollow. Of course, prostitutes can’t be locked up under this law but their livelihood is being taken away. Isn’t that targetting them? Oh, and the little “bleeding heart” statement that drug and alcohol dependency issues of prostitutes can be helped if they go to free clinics is pointless.

Let’s face it. If someone’s become a prostitute because they’re addicted to crack, what course of action are they going to take now that they can’t get money from sex? Will they walk up to a clinic and ask for help? I seriously doubt it. They’ll either drop dead because they can’t get a fix, get abused by the people they can no longer pay off, or find another way to satisfy the craving – such as mugging, theft and so on.

In the meantime, by trying to reduce sex tourism the Norwegian government have unwittingly opened their own borders to a world of people who now know that prostitutes in Oslo will now be forced to charge discount rates. And as the law only applies to Norwegian citizens, any person from a company without similar ludicrous laws can hop over the border safe in the knowledge that they can’t be arrested for banging some hot (drug-addled, lice-ridden) Norwegian whore.

Oh, and the maximum 3-year penalty for using child prostitutes is far too lenient. By all means target the paedos, but do it properly and leave the consenting adults out of it. Why can’t more countries go down the Dutch or Kiwi routes of recognising and regulating prostitution as a valid industry? Taxable, monitorable, and relatively easy to make safe for all those involved.

Before anyone asks – nope. Using a prostitute is still one of the (few) boxes I can’t tick on a purity test. I’ve been to places where I could easily have bought myself 20 minutes for a fistful of Euros (Frankfurt‘s got some pretty attractive South American and Eastern European girls available), but it just doesn’t appeal. I just think that if a consenting adult wants to sell themselves and someone else wants to pay for the service then the only duty a government has is to ensure that both parties are safe, healthy and that tax revenue is raised from it.

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Byeeeee (again)

GMM 10th Anniversary Ticket
GMM 10th Anniversary Ticket

Well, folks, this is your lot for a few days. Tomorrow morning, I drive down to Dawn’s and we panic trying to figure out how to split no more than 30kg of camping equipment and strong alcohol between us (silly Ryanair luggage limits). Then, off to Belgium via Holland.

I’ll try to convince her that it’s important I get back in one piece. Mainly because I’ll be the one driving us home from the airport. I’ve been checking the insurance policy and it excludes “claims arising from any activity which requires a degree of skill or involves a greater risk”. Does this include moshing? If anyone asks, I fell down some stairs…

Coursework 1 is almost done. Work’s dead today, so I’ve been pulling together most of the stuff I have to do and, when it’s all in one place, it’s not that much. I’ll panic over the maths when I return.

Gym at 12:00, lunch straight after, head for site at 1:30 and – if I’m lucky – home a little early depending on how things go there. Holiday is so close!

Before any of you ask, no you can’t have a postcard. 1) I’ll be on a campsite. 2) the last time I was on hols and sent postcards, two out of the 18 I posted actually arrived. You can, however, sit in your offices and homes and wish you were there with me. That is allowed.


Don’t you hate it when you’ve just clipped your fingernails, they’re all lovely and neat… and then you realise you can’t reach that huge crusty snotter right at the back of your nose? Your finger just seems to glide over the top, pushing it deeper and liquefying is so it either goes down the back way or mushes up and makes a mess of your hanky.

Just me, eh?

Leave them alone!!!

There’s a story on BBC News today about a former prostitute being stripped of her earnings. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve never used a prostitute, nor do I think I ever will.

However, why on earth can’t they do their job and be left in peace? This girl came over here as a kid, set herself up and bought a flat with nearly a £500,000 deposit. In cash. She went on to set up “escort” services employing at least 45 other women at one time. They reckon she’s got upwards of £1.2 million stashed away that they’re going to try and get back.

Now… why? My only quibble (assuming the girls themselves made a decent living and were safe) is that she might not have paid tax. Thing is, if she did they’d be asking where she got the money from.

Will someone explain why prostitution is such a difficult job to have? As far as I’m aware, being a prostitute in and of itself is not illegal. It’s a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body, and if a man (or another woman) wants to pay to make use of those services then so what?

The thing is, everything surrounding prostitution is illegal. Kerb crawling. Soliciting (i.e. advertising). Living off immoral earnings (so if you’re out of work and your partner earns a living on her back, you can’t live off them or you are in trouble). Running a brothel.

The last one’s ludicrous. A “brothel” is described as any premises where more than one prostitute works. Prostitution is not a safe job, and this stupid rule prevents “safety in numbers”.

When the hell will the UK wake up and realise that a legalised, taxed and certified prostitution business (like that in some continental countries) will reduce drug problems, STDs, violence towards women and have the added bonus of bringing in some income to the treasury and reducing the load on our police and courts?

Bollocks to it. I’m off somewhere foreign. If only for a few days.

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