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Mobile phone privacy

Proper directories

There’s a new mobile phone directory on the scene in the UK – 118 800. As it stands, they won’t give your number out to anyone. However, if you’ve filled in your mobile phone on any other web site, document, order form or the like then the chances are they’ve bought […]



The next few days will be jam-packed with reviews for books and things. The reasons for this are several-fold. First up, I had them all written but forgot to post them. Secondly, I have the time to schedule them for upload right now. And thirdly, I’ll be staying with Belinda and Albert […]

Half price pic’n’mix!

If you have a Woolworth’s nearby, then print out this voucher and take it along. One per person etc etc. The usual. Only valid till the 11th of May so hurry!

Oh dear…

I was talking to my dad last night and it seems my mother ("the world’s biggest Luddite" according to my pop) wants to get a laptop and figure out this world wide interwebnet superautobähn stuff.

Enjoy today folks. I fear the world must be about to end.

Bowson Lettings? Collective group of bastards, more like

Not a personal experience, but one of someone I know. Bowson Lettings let him down somewhat massively and wasted a lot of his time. So I’m linking to the post in a vague attempt to push it up the Google listings so that people can see how crap Bowson Lettings are and to use someone […]