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Ooh, big gap again

Apologies for not posting but I’ve simply not been able to get online for about 2 weeks. Living in tents, sitting on a bus in 40-degree heat and swimming in naturally heated pools or climbing hige mountains and stuff doesn’t leave a lot of time. And when I could get online it was something insane […]

Rate Your Life Quiz

This Is My Life, Rated Life: 7.2 Mind: 7.5 Body: 8.8 Spirit: 8.2 Friends/Family: 4 Love: 1.4 Finance: 8.2 Take the Rate My Life Quiz […]

IE 7 released and…

… well… it’s the usual pile of pants. More secure? Probably. Faster? Maybe. Huge download forced on people even though they may be on dialup as it’s classed as aN “IMPORTANT” patch? Yup.

I’ve used it for roughly ten minutes and only as one survey site I go to insist on IE; it simply won’t […]

Pupil ‘filmed sex with teacher’

How long before this footage turns up on YouTube…? Mind, I can relate to the part of the article where it says it’s “every schoolboy’s fantasy”. I fancied the pants off the younger female English teacher at my school. In fact everyone did. Apart from a handful of boys who I’m sure were more […]

Work shennanigans

A couple of work-related stories, methinks. I just hope I’m not repeating anything with them. These, obviously, hark back quite a few months to when I wrote them. Just picture a wibbly curtain and “doodle-do-doo” noises as we step back to February…

Mr Who?

First off, last week I had to reset someone’s password on […]