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Remote Control

Just a short video I made when I was playing with Adobe After Effects. Staggered by how easy it was to get such a good result in very little time.

This is also a test post to check the iframe plug-in I’ve just added!


How to catch a criminal

The day the UK government and legal system allows our police to treat obvious criminals like this with no repercussions (such as the law-breaking filth being able to sue the system or walk out scot free), is the day I’ll be happy to stay in this country.


Amateur Transplants in Theatre”>httpv://

Adam Kay & Suman Biswas

After years of listening to their dodgy songs and buying their albums online, I got to see Amateur Transplants live as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. My first Fringe show as well, in fact.

For those who don’t know, Amateur Transplants is made up of two medics – […]

Star Wars. In LEGO. In 2 mins 13 secs.

Just the “proper” trilogy, not that rubbish “Episode I to III” nonsense. Very, very well done considering it’s just in LEGO. Great narration by a young boy as well. This is what Star Wars fan films are all about.

Oh, and yes, I’ve posted-dated this entry to Star Wars Day.


Best Music Video… Ever

I’ve seen some amazing videos in the past. Imaginative, edgy, ahead of their time. But this one really takes the biscuit.

It’s a one-off display of a custom video for AC/DC’s Shoot To Kill which is part of the Iron Man 2 soundtrack. What makes the video special is where it was shown – on […]