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Blog split?

I’m toying with the idea of splitting the rock/metal stuff on this blog off into its own little page. I have an old domain name that’s lying fallow and would suit things perfectly, allowing me to tie them in a little better with the Mosher’s Music Page facebook page. I may rename that page to […]

Getting tee’d off with WordPress

Love it… but it's annoying me

Just a quick whinge to see if anyone else is having this issue. I’ve trawled the WordPress support groups and posted myself, but had no responses.

Since upgrading to v3.0, my “Add New Post” dashboard won’t remember where all my widgets are placed. I drag and drop […]

WordPress automatic upgrade problem

WordPress – now with added 2.8-ness

Full credit for this solution goes to “vtroia” on the WordPress support forum. However, just to ensure the information’s available in more places I’m popping it here.

Symptoms: When trying to use the inbuilt auto-upgrade of WordPress, you simply get a message stating:

Downloading update from […]

Time for a new look


After running the default WordPress theme since transferring this blog over from Blogger, I’ve finally found a nice 3-column theme that I can tinker with. It’s called Atahualpa and you can get the latest release from BytesForAll‘s web page.

I’m having a little fun with it – I’d like to have the […]

WordPress 2.7 part 2

Just a link to a document which details the majority of the interface/functionality improvements in WordPress 2.7. Nice piccies and stuff, too.

Think I might need to mess about with the theme until I find one that’ll do threaded/nested comments. Just for the hell of it.

The document is courtesy of