2019 Pic 54

It’s always nice when a Krav Maga seminar rolls around, and this was one of the best I’ve been on. Taking place at an airsoft arena in the arse end of Glasgow (a city with many arse ends, in fairness), it was all about coping with being slammed against walls. Or pinned against walls. Or having a knife to your throat which is keeping you pushed up against a wall. You know… walls.

The final section was a wander through a small set of rooms with some “surprises” round the corners – instructors dressed in necessarily heavy padding. Time to break out the skills we’d been practising! It wasn’t just me, though, it was Ellissa’s first jaunt back to Krav in a while as she’s been focussing on her uni work. She’d not lost her touch though. Proud dad!

2019 Pic 47

So we had a trip to Daddy’s Krav Maga class (where Little Miss and her brother ran riot in the gym for 90 minutes) before heading to Granny & Grandad’s where they played in the garden with a hose for an hour. No surprises the mess that resulted… So of course she passed out on the way home, clutching the bag of sweets she’d been given. Her brother used to be the same when he was younger, too.

2019 Pic 38

The first time I’ve seen the kids since the weekend. I collected them from school and Niamh rattled on about animals with magic gems being able to talk to her when she’s exploring the neighbourhood during the night-time when everyone is asleep. Austin asked questions about parts of the car. Then we got to the flat, I blinked and they were on Minecraft.

Now I need to peel them away from it so I can do homework with them…

2019 Pic 32

Today was my first official day in the new flat. Fortunately, to offset the loneliness, I had two volunteers for a sleepover. McDonald’s plus cake plus sweets plus a YouTube marathon certainly helped with things. My PC is all set up and I’m back to having two screens which is nice, too. Maybe I’ll get some work done now (hahahahahaha).