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Rhino Car Hire – thank you!

A slightly sideways post this one. I have been dealing with Scott from Rhino Car Hire over the last few days. He came across the 1000 Mile Walk site, and has made a very generous donation to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. I know that site doesn’t get the traffic it did, so I would […]

Is 1000 miles enough?

I subscribe xkcd via RSS and found the recent cartoon rather apt. Given what I did recently and one of the reasons why…

Which school?

Many of you know which school I went to and why I hated it. I actually got in touch with my old primary school before I started the Walk to see if they’d be interested in getting the kids involved. Sadly, they didn’t respond but my mum asked why I didnn’t contact the RGS and […]

My mental state

Blisters. Ow.

Not good at the moment and mainly linked to my physical state. As a result of walking well over 100 miles in 7 days (doesn’t sound like much? Well, I climbed two 1000km high slopes and did 33 of the miles in one hit yesterday) I have the sorest feet in the […]

Sick of boobs?

I’ve spent some time in France, now, and they do indeed show boobs in a lot of TV adverts, most often shower products. Thing is, you then go to Italy and they use them to advertise anything from eggs to car wax.

Of course, I’m male so nothing can put me off boobs. Or can […]